Sun in 6th house.

"When the Solar Return Sun is in the 6th house, the emphasis is on health and work. Generally, health is good as long as you pay attention to what your body is telling you and you have been attentive in the past. Health comes from the inside out and you must work with your body. If you have been negligent, now is the time to take corrective action before a problem arises or worsens. The work emphasis is on organizing your day and streamlining tasks. Choices tend to be either-or. New career directions are more commonly associated with the 10th while the 6th deals with the daily running of the business and office procedures. The CHALLENGE for the coming year when the Sun moves to the 3rd house is to organize your day and improve your health so you have the time and strength for intellectual pursuits. Practical applications can improve your problem-solving ability. The ASSETS from the previous year when the Sun was in the 9th house are a strong philosophical structure that supports your actions and lessens your stress. Your beliefs also guide you towards practical applications." (maryshea)

"When the Solar Return Sun is in the Solar Return 6th house, you can spend the next year of your life focused more on work, what needs to be done, and tending to the little things. You can be more hard-working and focused on smaller tasks and chores, and can work to improve your working environment or situation. " (thedarkpixie)


"The Solar Return Ascendant sign shows your overall temperament, attitude, and approach to life in the year ahead. 
In Cancer, you wear your emotions on your sleeve this year. More sensitive than usual, you have your eye on security. Your attention turns to your home front, your family, and domestic issues. You may be more introspective than usual. Oversensitivity and defensiveness may be a problem. Security is a driving force this year. As Cancer's ruler, the Moon holds important clues as to what area of life in which you may encounter instability and change, and why you feel protective of your sense of security as a result."
(cafeastrology) - Moon in Pisces, conjunct Neptune and MC, squaring the nodes... An emotional, vulnerable and intuitive year?
"During this period you could be confronted with an act or circumstance that touches you deeply. This could be something that was started before your birthday and is now completed. Although the result may not be completely favorable, you will realize, without a doubt, that it is necessary for your growth. Be aware of the fact that you could be more trusting than usual, thereby exposing yourself to undue pain or suffering. You should look at it as a growth experience which will, in the end, produce beneficial results."
"It is also a good time to put down roots, if this is appropriate and desirable for you. It may be the year you find that property you have been looking for. The most favorable months for this will be just prior to your next birthday. Purchasing real estate or a new home, redecorating or otherwise improving your present home, as well as strengthening love bonds and family ties, are all very favorable now."

"Solar Return Ascendant in natal 10th house
You will center all your attention toward the advancement of your career. You will direct your energies toward growth and expansion of your professional possibilities. Success will fundamentally depend on your effort and personal initiative.
During this year, you will want to make your dreams a reality and will develop definite objectives which will improve your future. Remember that success or failure of your enterprises will depend almost exclusively on your own will.