Card(s) of the Day

Deck(s) is/are - as usual - picked out with a random number generator, and not chosen by me. I pick one card, and then ask my dice whether to draw another - 1 o2 yes, 3-6 no. I never draw more than to in this case.

stats for this CotD at the bottom of the page, for those so inclined :)

Enjoy - I certainly do! :)

I read, and the following words catch my eye: "...some situations can only be won by losing".
The ol' 'lose a battle to win the war'.

The attraction of a conflict that's actually more good than bad, despite the dissatisfaction and discontent you feel?!
(Straight up instead on straight 'down to hell'!)

Ace of Pentacles. 14th time in my CoD-series. Compared to 11, 7, 12 times for the other aces.
It's always been a little like this.
Even right in the beginning, around 2014-15.
Then it was this Ace and the Four of Pentacles showing up much more often then the other cards. The P4 annoyed me a lot...

stats 2021-04-13
stats 2021-04-13

If normally distributed (and if all decks would have 78 cards, which they don't):
Majors 22/78 = 28%
Minors 14/78 = 18%