Card(s) of the Day

Deck(s) is/are - as usual - picked out with a random number generator, and not chosen by me. I pick one card, and then ask my dice whether to draw another - 1 o2 yes, 3-6 no. I never draw more than to in this case.

stats for this CotD at the bottom of the page, for those so inclined :)

Enjoy - I certainly do! :)

Theme: "in true darkness (unknown/new territory) you must navigate by the stars (as you have no 'experience' to trust or go by)"

Card: The Magician - Mercury
"The Guiding Gifts of Mercury"
"...consciousness of goals as well as the will, ingenuity, and intellect needed to pursue them is implied"
We are all innately filled with the capacity and energy to meet the challenges and circumstances we are "put in".
"...signals a new phase...

Whatever is happening in your life, it's tightly bound to your current mission here on Earth. An important subject in your personal curriculum. Central for Your growth.
Whatever you feel, or experience - go through it consciously.
Beware impulsive reactions - breathe, and act and respond as the person you Want To Be (and know you are).

stats 2021-04-13
stats 2021-04-13

If normally distributed (and if all decks would have 78 cards, which they don't):
Majors 22/78 = 28%
Minors 14/78 = 18%