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Teasers from my Tarot deck collection and my (much smaller) Oracle Deck Collection, accompanied by some random in-the-moment samples of (highly) personal thoughts, reflections, links - and so on and so forth - associated with them. 

Deck(s) is/are - as usual - picked out with a random number generator, and not chosen by me. 
(When it feels like the message is incomplete I ask the dice whether I should draw another deck/card or not) - stats for this CotD at the bottom of the page, for those so inclined :)

Enjoy - I certainly do! :)

Card: Ace of Swords - The Three Orders
"Triumph, power, conquest, exaltation of force, violence, will, resolve"
I'm certainly putting a lot of force, will and resolve in "The Quest", and - although the Ego often disagree - there are obvious "triumphs", aka progress. Somewhat "hard wording" in this interpretation, but I feel the general spirit...


If normally distributed (and if all decks would have 78 cards, which they don't):
Majors 22/78 = 28%
Minors 14/78 = 18%