Card of the Day

Teasers from my Tarot deck collection and my (much smaller) Oracle Deck Collection, accompanied by some random in-the-moment samples of (highly) personal thoughts, reflections, links - and so on and so forth - associated with them. 

Deck(s) is/are - as usual - picked out with a random number generator, and not chosen by me. 
(When it feels like the message is incomplete I ask the dice whether I should draw another deck/card or not) - stats for this CotD at the bottom of the page, for those so inclined :)

Enjoy - I certainly do! :)

Theme: how to manage, cope with, and navigate the infinite Field of Pure Potentiality / managing the ordered chaos of the universe

Card: The Lovers
"You are not sufficient when you are alone. Opposites must meet so as to generate something new. Purity."

Card: Knight of Wands
"Ambition, Risk Taker, Action-Oriented"
"Act first, think later. Driven by fiery ambition, the Knight of Wands is ready to take on the world and proclaim his spot among the best. Passionate about his path, he is fully committed to making his dreams come true. Bursting with enthusiasm, he is easily carried...

If normally distributed (and if all decks would have 78 cards, which they don't):
Majors 22/78 = 28%
Minors 14/78 = 18%