7 of Swords, Evolutionary Tarot


Theme: "the evolution in consciousness"

The book to this deck only covers the majors, so I asked my dice if there's another decks interpretation I should read for it. Yes. It fell on The Urban Tarot. So, here are some lines from the Urban S7:

"I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but rules are rules, of course. Now if you could just fill out this form, and then wait at the back of the line, someone will help you shortly..."
"Our spirit is slowly worn down while we go round and round, accomplishing nothing."
"You can't beat the system, they say. At least not without a good lawyer."
Interesting how things in the world that used to be impossible, suddenly aren't! "The System" certainly is crumbling. 
"...the gatekeepers of the world find ways to delay and dispute, to distract us from the real issues, and to bog us down in endless minutiae. In theory, nothing stands in our way. In reality, we begin to worry..." Yes. There's only one way to follow - and that's the path of the heart/soul. Then nothing stands in your way! Letting the do:s, don't:s and guidance from The System lead the way to worry! And, not just 'spiritually speaking', the 'reality' now shows how unreliable and unstable The System is! It crumbles before our feet - but the ones 'following the path of the heart/soul' still stands erect, calm, comforting and healing!
It's all truly a part of the 'Evolution in Consciousness', a process far beyond human control - as all of Nature always is!

I truly try to be an as aware, conscious and active participant as possible in this universal process - but there's a lot of 'karma' to work with! :D

Slowly learning more and more about the Right with capital R (Loving with capital L) way, and what's in line with The Evolution, and not just lawfully momentarily ('systematically'-materialistically/egoistically) right and in lines with wishes, wants, opinions and money. :)