#73 + PK, Dreaming Girl + Raven's Prophecy


Theme: Living/following your dreams + balancing logic and creativity

(That's right, Dreaming Girl Highway isn't a Tarot deck. There are no suits in it, but it have the suitable amount of 78 cards - so called Inner Vision Cards. It's a cute little deck that is one of the exceptions in my Tarot Deck collection. It's just something about it, as they say, and the name itself is appealing to a girl who do a lot of dream work - but still haven't been able to pin down any tangible dreams in "real life"..! Much to her frustration.

#73: Down the Drain
"...dragged into drastic changes, bouncing off one unseen obstacle after the next in the dark waters of submergence with no map. Why? This is a journey of denial and resistance."
"Control is our mastery and our limitations."
Knight of Pentacles
"She works steadily without flinching in order to see her task through. ...favouring hard work over any of the fancy-schmancy innovation or feeling stuff."
"...can keep her from trying out anything new or taking a break."
"We all have times when we need to buckle down and just see a project through with dogged labor"
The shovel on the card symbolises duty and workmanship.

Dark blues and oranges are extracts from deck accompanying books.

There we have it. That which appears to be clash between inner needs and outer obligations.
The need and will to work with and break through the inner resistance and long held (former) unconscious denials - and the nagging tasks and assignments waiting on the physical desk, not doing themselves either.
The timeless inner work feels so much more important and compelling, but the clock is ticking for the outer ones. 
Ah, the clock. As if nature cares about our human watches and agendas? 

Then we have the croax between the rationally raised Knight (the one wearing the watch) versus the dream-worker. The Knight who's ignoring "the feeling stuff", and who's the original maker of the above stated denial - which the dream-worker now have to drag up again, from the drains, clean, and integrate, to make the host (the separated human) feel whole and connected to spirit and soul again. 

If not whole and connected, who is the one completing those time-bound tasks and assignments? Why, and what for?
The dream-worker asks.

Because 'it's the way it is'.
The Knight responds, ready with his shovel.

Does it have to continue to be the way it is, just because it is so now (and have been for a while)? Why has it become so? What for? WHO for? To what end?

Maybe there's a balance to be found (she with a bunch of planets in Libra) says?
Maybe the Knight can lend his hand, and put some of his apparent ceaseless energy into the shadow (drain) work?
And, maybe the dream-worker can help the Knight find new, never thought of, even more effective, ways to complete the tasks of the outer world?

Wouldn't the dream be to have a beautifully working balance between logic and creativity? Yin and Yang. Right brain and left brain. Intuition and thinking.

Deck #27 and deck #90: Dreaming Girl Highway and Raven's Prophecy Tarot.