8 of Wands + Ace of Cups, Mystic Mondays + Bosch


Theme(s): "good vibes!" + "skewed perspectives"

Bosch is a deck with rather 'ugly' illustration - if you ask me! Not my cup of tea, so to speak.
Why the hell did I buy the deck then?!
I have bought many decks that I don't really fancy, just to 'push my boundaries', 'leave my comfort zone', 'getting opinions from people thinking different then I', practice 'non-judgement', 'openness' and 'receptivity', and so on and so forth. 
Bosch was added to my collection as having the task to remind me that "something might be skewed in my current perspective/interpretation of things". 
Let's explore it!
Theme-wise a spontaneous reflection I have is "there are good vibes in the air, if you care to feel them!" - if I release myself from the self-created mental chains pictured yesterday for example!
Feeling "Good vibes" is a choice that  comes with accepting The Now and doing things with the right intentions for example, written about yesterday. 
Card-wise then?

Mystic Mondays Tarot: Eight of Wands
"Ready, set, go! Your steady pace has turned into a full-on sprint and you are now moving faster than ever. Progress is a process, and you are combusting with frenetic force, pushing your pans into rapid action. Things are falling into place, in a serendipitous fashion. Within structure there is freedom, room for more self-expression and creativity. Boundaries enable you to think about the important tasks, instead of using up your reserves. Fueled by your passion, you are moving faster then ever, picking up inspiration along the way! Whirlwinds of possibilities flow freely around you, with you in the center of the storm. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. The Universe is working in your favour!"
Bosch Tarot: Ace of Chalices - Frailty
Chalices, according to the Bosch tarot, "...are the suit which represents emotive construction and balance. Everything which is spiritual and mystical is governed by Chalices. It is the suit of equilibrium, understanding and nourishment. Chalices is a very intimate and personal suit, linked both to the joy and unhappiness which depend on us" ('joy is a choice')
"The fear of perceiving, of feeling, of loving should not give us cause to defend ourselves." - A rather unconventional take on the Ace of Cups! But suiting here and now!

It is as usual creating a great structure of connections and responses in my head, which is tricky to distil into something writable. But something like this maybe.

The Ego dislike the frailty of the situation. The body not feeling and behaving 'as it wishes'. There are many conscious and unconscious fears blocking my heart, causing the ego to defend me and building walls (a fortress), making it rather troublesome (fearful) for me to feel, perceive and give love. The Ego keeps striving, looking, wandering. It just wont settle down - totally mirrored in my new overstrung horse, who just can't relax, as by coincidence (:

Good things really are happening, falling into place - rather rapidly - but the Ego just wont see it from that perspective. It skews and twists. Thinks, complains, wishes and looks for all the things still out of reach, sees all the things yet to be done. It dislikes the fact that it is not in control over how things unfold, that things aren't happening even quicker.
Considering there was a ("unwanted") period of very little action for many week, things are really moving 'faster than ever'! Life-long dreams and plans are unfolding! But the ego still wants to mutter about the previous standstill, the "behind the schedule" - although there's no schedule to be behind..! It just can't relax and enjoy until...
Just one more...
When this or that is..., then...
If only...

The Ego has so many strange preconceptions of what have to be done before it can relax. It craves 'results' to enjoy. It craves doing, and shuns being.

Not realising that This Moment is the only moment there is. When the so called 'future' arrives, that will - to the ego - just be another Now to hurry away from, in search for another. Which will never come!
The Ego also dislikes the 'whirlwinds of possibilities' - there's TOO many possibilities, and "too little time". The Ego doesn't get the stay in the 'centre of the storm' and breathe - the "feel which possibilities to grab, feel where the inspiration wants to go, and follow the flow"!
It thinks, it looks, it plans, it... kills. 

It just wont 'slow down'

But, there's no point in resisting or fighting it. 
This is how things are now.
Good things happen rapidly - things that should happen, in just the right time, pace and order! 
Good vibes are flowing.
But the Ego is in fear of perceiving, of feeling this.
Is it skewed? Indeed!
But that's the way This Moment is! 

Would I like it to be different?
I'm rather tired of my stubborn Duracell Ego, its uncomfortable grip, constant blockings and thousands upon thousands tricks, thoughts and ideas. 
Oftentimes I feel it to be a rather hopeless dream to get out if its grip - and that I so often end up in compromises. 

Let's round it off with a comment from the Indie Goes Oracle Cards again.

...hand the situation over to the Angels immediately!

This is nothing I can 'do' by myself - it's about surrender.
Thanks for the reminder.
I've (un)done it before, I can 'do' it again.
Patience <3