Ace of Cups + Hermit, Crystal Visions + Girlfriend's Tarot


Themes: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled" + "(girl)friendship"

Crystal Visions Tarot: Ace of Cups
"...signifies acknowledging or expressing one's feelings, empathizing with others, or finetuning your intuition. This is a time for new spiritual and emotional growth"
Girlfriend's Tarot: The Hermit
"...can also stand for discretion, stoicisms and a fear of having cherished secrets discovered and turned into bones for the gossip hounds."

I'm in the midst of "outing" my Tarot passion a little bit more. Evoking different responses (and some silence) from my friends and acquaintances, which triggers/raises feelings of different kinds - old and new - that I feel the the need to reflect upon and process in seclusion. 
Why all this, and where it's heading? No idea!
Following my intuition, and soul - and my cards!
And my (night) dreams.
Future unknown, not yet certain, or time for me to know about.