Ace of Cups, Luminous Spirit Tarot


This really is a period of growth, possibility and expansion - at least "in my place of the energy field"!
Aces and shining Suns.
And I get continuous reminders "not to miss this opportunity" - to nurture the incoming energies carefully and consciously. And to share them, with love and awareness (in a mature respectful way).

I clearly feel the importance of remaining centered, and grounded, and 'connected'.
And, literally - don't let things "get to your head" - as things WILL go south, if handed over to the rationally thinking faculty ;)    

Luminous Spirit Tarot
Theme: "Radiating Outwards" (example: spreading/sharing/shining, not "boasting" or "(unconsciously) fishing for attention")
"A seed has been planted, one that has the potential to blossom beautifully into a great emotional and spiritual awareness."
"...heralds the beginning of deep connections and intimacy" - "romatic or platonic
From the lovely Labyrinthos app.