Ace of Pentacles, Eclecic Tarot


Theme: "including perspectives from many sources"

One of these more eager decks to show up - Eclectic Tarot. 3rd time - while half of my collection is not even presented yet!

Card: Ace of Pentacles
"An open hand reaches down from a cloud. Above it a disc hovers: the creative germ of the earth"
"The goal has been reached, well-being, wealth, contentment"
Reversed: "riches without happiness, lost money, waste". Oh, how slow the dear old Ego is to understand.

When many things are going on at once, my Ego feels fragmented. It feels stressed - over burdened (see two preceding days on that topic). 
The Ego loves results. Checking boxes. Get things done with. When many things are on the roll at the same time 'Nothing gets done'...!!! If you ask the Ego that is.
Thankfully I've learned to listen to the Soul, who sees it differently. And I even consciously and purposely pull in many strings simultaneously, to shake the Ego out of its ruts and old habits - the time is now ripe!  

When you do things in the order it comes up - are prompted by the universe and circumstances - the 'end results' might hang in the air for some time. This is how it needs to be now. Everything feel so right, and so good (deep) inside. I'm getting a better and better sense for and grip on what timing feels like - and its just a.w.e.s.o.m.e!
Timing trumps plans! 
Timing (a connected life) is about flow, connectedness, well-being and contentment, which goes beyond getting things (over with). 


The Ego has a peculiar desire to "be done" and things over with. "If I only get this thing - or get this thing done - then..."
In other words, it has a peculiar focus on the future. And, it also has happiness placed in this future - as an outcome/effect of all those things that it wants to get, or get done with! It can't (allow itself to) be happy unless something is done or acquired - hence its placed in the future! 
If boxes are not checked there's no happiness...! 
Here is were the Reversed Ace enters.
If there's no obvious (immediate) physical or economical 'payback' for time and/or money investments - the resources (money/time) are viewed at as lost or 'badly spent'. Waste. And there's no happiness, as that is placed in the future - as there is always something more that has to be done first.

How sad and strugglesome life is when looked at from the Ego's point of view?!

And I chose to look at life at precisely this way for approximately 32 of my now nearly 40 years..! 
With the result that my life felt exactly as I viewed it - sad and troublesome, and not that fun - Of Course!!

And the strange thing is that people used to call me clever and intelligent....!!!

Now there are many who - I guess - would call me strange, odd, peculiar, hard to grip, irrational, even troublesome, and such - but since I decided that I wanted to change my world view, and open myself up for the greater mysteries, and be a part of life rather than view it as something that 'happens to me', I feel so much lighter, happier and safe.
When I rather try o follow the offered agenda and timing om the universe, rather than one crafted by my narrow-minded Ego, life suddenly feels more exciting, fun and easy. 
Situations and things can of course still be hard - but life itself feels so much easier!

My Ego still bugs me with its views, opinions and suggestions, but they control and disturb me less and less. 


Thankfully, how to view the world, and life, is a choice that can be changed at any time!
The Soul/essence/source perspective is always present as an alternative, and you are given endless opportunities to awaken to the mysteries of life and non-physical guidance - with perspective that uses so much more than just the five senses to perceive the world!

"including perspectives from many sources" - as the deck theme says! 

With a larger world view and presence in the Now, "The goal has been reached" all the time, as the Now is always perfect as it is - if one are in sync and acceptance of life, in the flow, following the timing of the moment (rather than stubbornly following Ego plans and thoughts). 
There's always time for well-being, there's wealth everywhere you look (if you look beyond the perspective of your eyes), and contentment is always just a thought away!