Ace of Pentacles, Gendron Tarot


Every meeting is a new seed!

A new seed for expanding your resources - knowledge, security, comfort, co-operation - or other forms of "wealth".

Pentacles rarely represents money and/or physical material wealth/gain for me, but rather "resources" in a wider sense.

Yesterday we were asked to "blend in", to adjust to circumstances like water. To put our own wishes, wants and opinions a little bit to the side, and put on our mask of responsibility and fulfill our duties in a compassionate and caring way.
To show up were we need to be, and be the light we need to be - for "the greater good".
Immediately we can feel the 'fruits of it'. 
Or rather - the seeds that "right action" so often generates. 

Exactly what it will lead to is impossible to predict - and it's NOT recommended to try figure it out!
But rather, "leave it to the process".
Treat the whole thing as a project of art - let it grow and become, rather then plan and control it!

Deck: Gendron Tarot
Theme: "Life is a project of art"
Card: Ace of Pentacles

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