Ace of Pentacles, Romantic Tarot


Keep your eyes - and heart - open! (And your mind quiet ;))
You will know when it's time to take action.

Last Ace of P: December 15th.
This New Beginning energy continue to hoover around us!
In line with a New Year and Node shift.

But what used to be abstract is starting to get a diffuse form?
In line with the numerical year of The Lovers (6).
Yesterday we had Art of Love Tarot, today Romantic Tarot.
After an intense Pluto December.

Yesterday - focus on heartfelt creativity. 
With people that vibe with your energy!

Yesterday - not a time for 'better safe than sorry', as safe may equal sorry.
Your life might be/feel safe, but is it inspiring?!
Is it filled with inspiring relationships?

What if it's more to life than being economically comfortable and "enduring" challenging relationships/assignments because it's "good for your healing/growth and taming your judgmental parts"?
Maybe whatever you're in was good for some serious self-reflection.
But maybe, if you look at it from another perspective, the 'deep dive' has also taught you what you really want and not want?
Your core values, and what's truly important to you - and now it's time to honor that - The Lovers.

I quote Leah Lund:
"If I don't hear it...I don't do it."

Time to find/follow what makes your heart sing!
Not by just dropping everything and everyone - that could cause a lot of unnecessary drama - especially if people you are involved with "isn't there yet".
But by preparing to move on, despite not knowing where.
Trust that something "better" will turn up!
As you now know much more about your core values and what your soul's voice sounds like than you did before.

Make the decision - and sit with it, by yourself, and enjoy it!
Continue the preparation for something new, more in line with your soul, without searching for it.

"This is the time of waiting: just look around."

Deck: Romantic Tarot
Theme: "along the roads of love and relationships"

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