Ace of Pentacles, Secret Tarot


Theme: Secret, veiled, hidden

Card: Ace of Pentacles, "In a general context, the Ace of Pentacles represents new beginnings and prosperity."

Theme + Card: new beginnings, new resources (energy), originating from the veiled and hidden. 

A lovely continuation from yesterday's card!
Maybe something that was in the the hidden Shadow(s) yesterday (Alchemy Tarot) is/can be successfully (10 of Pentacles yesterday) carried from it's hidden dark quarters, brought into the light, and transformed (through awareness and understanding of it) to available resources/energy today?

The two cards together somehow pictures the amazing effect of embracing your Shadow :) 
And, on top of these shadowy connections it's Halloween.

I really love the capturing spider web of life!

Deck #98: Secret Tarot