Ace of Pentacles, Vampyres Tarot

Strong foundation in the making!

New awareness/consciousness brewing, but be patient and alert (see yesterday :) ) - effects/"results" delayed. And also, be mindful of having healthy boundaries/staying strong in integrity, as to neither "suck the life" out of someone, or letting someone else suck your energies!

Theme: "energy drainage" or "nurturing yourself/feeding another on the vital essence (blood) of the living"

Card: Ace of Skulls (R)
Some of that which intuitively catches my eye in the text (considering deck theme, card, current energies, etc):
Upright: 'A gift. New physical energy. New consciousness that readies us for a richer life. A firm foundation. Tangible results.'
"A seed of productivity has been planted and the time is right to build a foundation that is practical and centered."
Shadow-side. Feelings of insecurity and worries regarding our capacity to utilize this opportunity.
"move away from drama or speculation for a more down-to-earth approach"

A firm and stable base is a prerequisite for stable growth. The firmer and more grounded in your Higher Self/Trust in the Universe, the more stable the base.

"Now is the time for greater diligence, planning (me: structure) and hard work."

I love how the reversed skull has a heart on its forehead!