Ace of Pent's + Six of Pent's, Âme + Women of Science


Listen to your dream(s), follow the breadcrumbs laid out for you, and continue to study, search, think and act outside the box - help shape a new better world!

"Margaret Mead was a fearless researcher, unafraid of challenging societal ideas and breaking down barriers."
"Mead strove to make her research accessible to the public"

Simple, but not easy. 
It might feel lonely at times.
"cooperation, communication" - reversed
You might encounter resistance - from the outside as well as from your inside. The latter being the most important 'barrier to break down'. Aka, part(s) to befriend, understand, and unburden. 

Maybe your achievements and contributions will be honored in a Tarot Deck in the future? :D

Whatever dream you have - never stop following and working for it - it's why you are here!

It doesn't have to be explained to, or understood by, anyone else (or even fully by yourself) :)

Deck: ÂmeTarot
Theme: "Your Dream Will Come True / your mystical channeling persona"
Card: Ace of Pentacles

Deck: WomenOfScienceTarot
Theme: "women who have shaped the way we see, create, and imagine the world."
Card: Six of Pentacles

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