Ace of Swords, Egyptian Tarot (mini)


Theme: "on behalf of the civilization"

Ancient Egypt truly pushed boundaries, created seemingly impossible things, in the name of the Pharaoh, (because of?) in touch with spirit/awe of life - not only "science for human kind" (ego-thought-driven).

"While much of the world was living in primitive conditions, the ancient Egyptians were inventing writing and advancing the sciences of mathematics, medicine and astronomy. They developed ways to measure time and distances , and applied their knowledge to monumental architecture." (link)

Card: Ace of Swords
"victory, power"

I have the mini version of the deck, with a pamphlet containing only a few key words for each card. So lets fetch some further inspiration shall we!

"The Ace of Swords tarot card is one of the strongest cards that can fall in a tarot reading. Although the image contained on the face of the card might not be as dramatic as say the Tower or the Chariot, the message that the Ace of Swords embodies is one of power, authority, and ability. The sword's blade can slice through anything in its way with ease. It is strong and reliable in times of need."
"represents truth, doing the right thing, and fighting for what you desire."
"Upright: honesty, clarity, sound decision making, a breakthrough, new opportunities"
"encourages a clear-headed courageousness."
"It encourages you to take a brainy and communicative approach - being clear on your personal truth every step of the way, no matter what is thrown at you. Are you prepared to go after your desires with intensity and keep your eyes on the prize?
" (alittlesparkofjoy)

For me, and the greater whole (civilization)!
Or, 'One for all, all for one*, as the famous musketeers exclaim!

"...indicates intellectual ability, mental clarity, clear thinking and the ability to concentrate. This Minor Arcana signifies communication, vision, force, focus and intensity. It represents making correct decisions, being assertive and justice and authority." (thetarotguide)
"While this Ace is a sign of triumph, the jagged mountains in the background suggest that the road ahead will be challenging. You will need mental resilience to navigate this path."
"You may be on the verge of a significant breakthrough or a new way of thinking that allows you to view the world with clear eyes. Or, you may have a sudden realisation or conscious understanding about an issue that has been troubling you and can finally see the path ahead of you. Meditate regularly to clear away the mental chatter and make the most of this intellectual potential." (biddytarot)