Ace of Swords, Holy Grail Tarot


Theme: "The Quest"

Card: Ace of Swords - The Three Orders
"Triumph, power, conquest, exaltation of force, violence, will, resolve"
I'm certainly putting a lot of force, will and resolve in "The Quest", and - although the Ego often disagree - there are obvious "triumphs", aka progress. Somewhat "hard wording" in this interpretation, but I feel the general spirit of the S1 is quite spot on - "quest wise".

These keywords feels better though: "Breakthroughs, new ideas, mental clarity, success" (biddy)  
There are certainly "tokens falling down" now, as we say in Sweden. The thoughts are a bit heavy on the ego, but a lot of "ungraspable" mental clarity going on below the deck. Breakthroughs being seeded and born, or soon to be.