Ace of Swords + Moon, Holy Light + Mystical Cats


Make room for the unthinkable - not a time to lose faith (when is it ever)!

I read,
"You may have a hard time allowing for the possibility of things you can't perceive with you daylight mind, the rational and analytical parts of yourself."

"we might be too quick to make decisions, closing our minds before we've reviewed our choices; and thereby cutting off options we can ill afford to lose track of."
Not a day to make black or white judgments, or take things at face value - or, interpreting them with merely your eyes and head!
Maybe don't turn your back to closed doors just yet!
Maybe the door opens inwards not outwards - pull not push?
Don't 'give up' anything that's important to your soul even though things may "look bleak", and "chances slight".

Why are you so afraid of dreaming?
"Explore your resistance to going deeper within"

Hold your focus and heartfelt direction (day before yesterday)!
Continue spreading words your soul desires to share (yesterday)!

Deck: HolyLightTarot
Theme: "trust in the divine light"
Card: Ace of Swords (R)

Deck: MysticalCatsTarot
Theme: "mystical/spiritual integrity - do not falter in your faith!"
Card: Moon (R)

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