Ace of Wands, Crystal Tarot


Theme - when I bought it, many years ago: "something is crystallising"

But when reading in the accompanying booklet:
""The desire for happiness finds solace in poetry. The arts lead us to the ideal realm where we can find absolute love. Joy, that wonderful divine spark. This kiss to the entire world."
The Crystal Tarot shares this viewpoint that is so in tune with the nature of tarots.

So, I'm a little bit lost as to what the Universe wants to convey to me.
Which is quite in line with my feelings regarding the circumstances at the moment (and which the majority of the people in the whole world are feeling now?)
What's happening?!

I can't say that I feel especially afraid, as I'm confident in my motto "nature's never wrong".
I know that everything is 'A-OK'.
I know that The Earth and humankind certainly needs the lessons we're getting now - for evolution's sake and all that. Whether we like the lessons or not, whether we understand the lessons or not.

But what's expected from me?
Why do I have this protracted tiny fever?
It's been about 16 days now. 
Fever, dizziness, heavy body, heavy beating heart.
Some days it feels as if it is on it's way out, only to return 1 day later.

Days passing.
Little or nothing's getting 'done'.
It was super frustrating at first (which I've been writing about), but the frustration is now slowly turning into some kind of emotionless indifference.
Is it good or bad?
Or rather - progress or regress?
I assume some progress, as everything - as always, "per definition" - is exactly how it should be.
The path to acceptance maybe - through surrender.

"Most of us judge far more often than we accept. But acceptance is the first law of spirit, so if we desire to live a life based on love rather than fear, we must stop judging as much as possible.
Now, does that mean we have to like everyone and agree with everything? Does it mean we just take everything that comes our way even if we do not like it? No, no, no. We still have discernment, which is about preferences. When we discern, we are simply saying yes or no, without all the internal commentary. Judgment is charged because it entails a feeling of "against" or "for."
We all have our own little judgers in our head who believe they are protecting and assisting us with all their opinions. But they're not.
When you free yourself from right/wrong thinking regarding your Expectation Hangover, you move through your life lessons more quickly. If you don't pick up the meaning of a particular lesson, you may feel stuck with it until you discover the gift or teaching it holds. Judgment keeps us in either a controlling or a victim consciousness because we see the world as happening either by us or to us rather than for us. When we approach our Expectation Hangovers from the elevated perspective that everything is really happening for us as part of our spiritual curriculum, we no longer see our disappointment as a form of punishment, misfortune, or failure. (link)"

"When you accept that everything is as it should be, 
you stop struggling for solutions and quick fixes. 
Instead, take a deep breath and relax 
allowing life to unfold in the best way possible 
for easier times ahead. 
Live in the moment 
as much as possible 
for you don't know the outcome, 
even of you think you do. 
Stop focusing on the future, 
or regretting the past..
everything is as it should be.

The Crystal Tarot