Ace of Wands + Seven of Cups, Law of Attraction + Steampunk


Themes: "you get back what you intend" or "what you think, you get" or "the soul attracts what it needs" + "as if life was a mechanical system"

Law of Attraction Tarot: Ace of Wands - The Beginning
"It is very likely that your dream will come true, because luck is on your side. Your desire for affirmation and success will bring new opportunities."
Steampunk Tarot: Seven of Cups
"In this moment all possible futures exist"
Core meaning "Dreams and desires"
"picking one thing over another is not always that easy. The sense of responsibility and fear of making a wrong move looms over us"
"The Seven of Cups captures a person in the midst of a moment of choice."
"All have something of value; all stir his imagination and speak to his heart...this is, after all the suit of cups; his emotions are utterly engaged. He could easily spend the afternoon here, lost in daydreams."
"Decisions are arrived at in different ways. Careful thought, a detailed analysis of the pros and cons, and projecting into the future are all part of the process."
"And yet there are times when logic doesn't play as large a role as we like to think. When our creativity and emotions are involved, the situation can get a bit fuzzy. Fears based in past experiences cause negative reactions to perfectly suitable choices. Dreams, desires, and romantic notions cast an attractive haze over certain options."
"Will our young man become so caught up in his speculations and fantasies that he neglects to act at all?"
"...think about how long you are willing to stand motionless and transfixed by the wondrous  potential of your life before lifting a cup and taking that first sip of a fresh adventure."

"As an Ace, this Wands card brings you pure potential - this time in the spiritual, energetic realm."
"...encourages you to follow your heart and live your passion. If you feel a strong pull towards a new project or path, but are questioning whether it will work, then this card gives you a gentle nudge to pursue your passion." (biddy)