Ace of Wands + The Lovers, Hidden Realms + Evolutionary


You KNOW when you're presented/offered an opportunity that's just Yours - carved out just for you, in just the right time and place.
There's was to planning to make it happen. It would have been totally impossible to plan it the way it happened!
Quite the opposite - it was because of the "staying out of the/your own way" it happened!

NOW I finally know how it feels! 
It's pure magic - yes, the experience of a Miracle!
41 days after opening A Course in Miracles, and listening to inspiring lectures by Marianne Williamson every day.

And of course - all the preparation and work BEFORE that :)
(yeah - I'm "slow" ;) Had quite the rational barrier built)

BUT. With opportunities comes responsibilities!
If it's going to be that (r)evolutionary thing you know it is/could be - you have to (continue) do the work!
And, probably, Level Up - even more.

Show your colours - now it's time to truly Shine and practice what you say and know you've learned! <3 

Themes: "archetypal energies, wisdom and knowing beyond what's explainable" + "In Service of the Evolution of Consciousness"

Tarot of the Hidden Realms: Ace of Wands 
"He sees his desire, his prey. He gets one shot, one opportunity."
"The moment he is inspired, he acts."
An opportunity that will require swift and decisive action.
"no time to think, no weighing of pros and cons" Or wondering if your 'good enough'.
An opportunity that "...resonate with a deep passion, and you will just know that the time to act is now."
"you have waited for, desired, and prepared for this."
It is yours!
Evolutionary Tarot: Love (R)
Will "...ripen if given the proper attention."
It's childlike to "...asking the universe to give us what we want emotionally without our paying the price of being responsible."

Please don't let this opportunity slip out of your hands, from neglect, laziness or inattentiveness!