Appreciation + Seek an Expert, Energy Oracle + Answer is Simple


Man, how I love my cards and "coincidences" (synchronicity)!

Firstly, I only have 5 oracle decks, and got 2 of them today.
Secondly, the two card of today totally mirror my yesterday, in reversed order - at least at first glance.

Without overthinking or analysing I did spontaneously "Seek an Expert". But the immediate/wished for (physical) result (if you ask my ego) did not materialise! I got immediate response, but "no action". Like so many other things at the moment the whole question ended up midair. An hour? Tomorrow? One week? A month?! Why, when, what, how? Now what?!
Like mentioned the other day my Ego hates to be left midair with "insufficient information to act/plan", it needs a queue number or a view over how many persons there are in the line before it so to speak. It craves to KNOW!
As I said, this is clearly a part of my Earth School Experience now. So very many things I do or initiate end up in this (for me) challenging place. It's "facing the unknown" on an everyday basis. Before it has been more on a greater scale, and the general (also extremely challenging) "navigate without a long term goal" thing - now it's permeating my everyday life. Probably because I'm getting more and more involved with other people, and don't "own the questions" in a way that pleases the Ego. 
It's not about just being patient, it's practising the art of pure waiting, and not going mad while doing it! It's about not falling prey to the craving of knowing and start asking questions and pushing for information (I must stay clear of pushing/pulling/forcing or "yang:ing" my life - see yesterday), and about not putting my life on hold until I "receive enough information". 
To sum it up: Give Up My Craving For Information, and my Information Centred Administration of Life! ("The Emperor Way")
(And replace it with an Intuitive Spontaneous Loving kind of Administration - basically: act out of Love instead of Fear)

I spent most of yesterday pondering and reflecting this outgrown craving, and becoming emotionally aware - feel all the feelings and emotions it triggered. I've reflected over it many times before too, but before I think I've maybe felt that I had "pushed" things to end up in this "locked position" (the self-blame mentioned yesterday), but yesterday the challenge was so immediately following "very clear guidance" - hence giving a very strong feeling that it is all very well orchestrated by the universe. And of course realising that all the earlier similar challenges are equally orchestrated. And, as the type of challenge keep occurring with high frequency I really need to face it - there's nowhere to hide.


What about the flower then?
After a full day of reflection and trying to become emotionally aware (while mowing the lawn for 3 hours, and listening to The Heart of the Soul talking about these very things) I felt rather empty, weak, lonely and a tad disappointed and let down. Knowing it wasn't "true", but letting it be there as "my true feelings for the time being".
How should I now end this day I thought for myself. By appreciation and send out Love of course - the exact thing my Frightened Parts and Ego wanted to get and receive.
Act out of Love although most of me was caught in Fear. 
Respond instead of react.
So I went around in my garden photographing the newest batch of flowers coming into bloom - mostly red roses.
These I shared with love and appreciation - and I received love back <3 

Energy Oracle Cards: Appreciation
"This card shows a woman holding a single rose. She enjoys the scent and beauty of the single blossom. Yet around and behind her are bramble bushes. She could be focusing on these, worried that she might get caught up in their prickly branches of difficulty. Instead, she's pausing to experience the blessing of this single flower. The sun is breaking through the clouds, shining on her choice and on the tiny buds waiting to open up.
This card is telling you that you have much to be grateful for - and, like the flowering bush behind the woman on the card, there is more to come that you can't yet see. Congratulate yourself for every moment that you choose appreciation. This decision shifts your consciousness from lack to bring more worth and richness of life to you.
Answer Is Simple: Seek an Expert
"The ego loves to struggle through problems on its own, refusing to seek the support and expertise of others. It likes to be in control and views soliciting assistance as a weakness that it doesn't want to indulge in. Yet if you had a toothache, would you attempt to fix your own tooth, or would you see a dentist?"
"If your car broke down, would you call for a tow truck or push the vehicle to your destination?"
"The Spirit freely seeks the support and assistance of others when help is called for, without hesitation or judgement. This not only makes life easier; it also allows others to share their light with you. Right now you're at the limit of your own expertise and could use some aid."
"Don't allow the false pride of the ego to subject you to suffering through the present when with a little help, you can sail through the choppy waters of these times with grace."