Bringer of Change, Foxfire Oracle


Theme: "know the wisdom and the secrets and the powers that lie within you"

Coming only days after signing up for the Biddy Tarot Certification Program <3

Deck: Foxfire Oracle
Card: Bringer of Change (R)
Reversal: " area where we may be challenged or in denial." "I prefer to think of reversals as a friend telling you a confronting truth" I really want/wish/hope that I'm "on to something" now. That this will "lead to my sweet spot", where I will be of service, in alignment with my "secrets and powers within me". But as I've "gone astray" before, I'm afraid this will turn out to be another journey "only for myself", a pit-stop along the road.
I'm truly grateful that this card appears today <3
"YOU ARE NOT AS THEY EXPECTED you to be, are you, dear one?" Guess not... :)
"It was not intentional, nor was it a reaction - it simply was that something new was born into the world when you were brought forth." And according to my mother, I was very eager to be brought forth!
"now you are releasing the special light and qualities that only you can bring to this planet."
"now you are at the moment where you will show who you are, all of it, without shame or fear. You will no longer fear rejection or scorn or even the fear of disappointing those you love."
"You are flying free, now, and in turn, you will free others. So, bring to us your own unique vision and energies and experiences, and teach us how to become who we are all meant to be."

The young man is looking a little bit sad, which is in line with the C6 the other day
I truly feel that this step is "big and important" for me. But that it really isn't what I intended - I had totally different "plans" for my life (as had others, and society in general). The world needs a change, and I truly want to be a part of it. A change from inside and within, and out.
I very much love the idea of being one of those who inspire others to become who they are meant to be, too. And slowly build the New Earth that Eckart Tolle talks and writes about! <3