C1 + S7, Thoth + Elora


Theme: Higher Calling + Cooperation, management (yin-wise)


Ace of Cups: 
"The Ace of Cups contains the full potential of spiritual life, the world of feelings and spirituality."
"In addition, a single cup can, of course, carry very different elixirs: water and wine, sparkling wine and seltzer, poison, medicine, or a magic potion."

Seven of Swords:

"...trapped in a sleeping bag of your own making..."
"...deeper and deeper into trouble by hiding your dark secrets."

Called for: personal sincerity, a soul shining through, a fresh intuitive start
Hindered by: emotional hiding, overthinking (yang management), difficulties coping with and integrating the yin side/forces of life

Deck #3 and #33: Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot and The Elora Tarot