C10 + The Fool, Shining Angels + Housewives


Theme(s): a word from the angels + domestic chores, chop wood, carry water (because it has to be done)


Ten of Cups: "Jehadri El: God is Radiant"

The Fool:
"indecision * beginning a journey"
"a new beginning and, consequently, an end to something" (alittlesparkofjoy.com)
"As you undertake this new journey, the Fool encourages you to have an open, curious mind and a sense of excitement." (biddytarot.com)


I'm sensing: The soul/spirit(s) (angels) are good for now, and it's time for some "regular tasks". The to-do-list put somewhat on hold during called for and (from the inside) pressing soul and heart searching (shadow and drain work).


Ego: That's about time!!! You do know we have an exam next Saturday (that's right, in e-i-g-h-t days), with very little time during those days available to actually study, right??? LETS GET ON WITH IT!
(related reading: hard-working Knight of Pentacles, resisting dream-work)

Spirits: woooooah! Chill!
You know you have quite the head for studies, ...right?!
And, by now you also actually know that the heart (intuition/soul) holds the truth, that's everything is in perfect order, exactly how it should be, and that your "host" actually feel quite deeply satisfied with everything that has been done the last couple of weeks (10 of Cups above)!
AND, by now you know that passing exams, get diplomas, titles, and so on and so forth, aren't really what life's about!
Everything will turn out absolutely fine, according to a plan greater than yours - you know it - trust it! <3

Decks #103 and #55: Shining Angel's Tarot and Housewives Tarot.