C3 + Truth, Sidhe + Love Pack


Theme(s): 'the gift of' + relationship management

Tarot of the Sidhe: Dancer Three ('Three of Cups') - Jubilance

"When the whole shines full and round,
the three blithe dancers may be found,
Skipping for the joy of life,
For friendship and forgotten strife..."
The Love Pack: Healing - Truth
"Truth frees us and shows us the way forward."
"All pain, misunderstanding and destructiveness comes from the cycle of illusion and disillusionment. Truth cuts through this and brings us the light, showing us a better way."
"Truth is a gift that helps us to grow, because it shows us the way home step-by-step."
"The more you desire the Truth, the more it will show you the way."
"Remember: if there is any upset, you don't have the full Truth."
"Desire the Truth today - free yourself from any traps and invoke Truth with all your love. Learn its power, which is stronger than any illusion or mistake.

Remember: if there is any upset, you don't have the full Truth.

"...one of the great challenges that arise are responding to the unconsciousness of [...] people that we come to meet. As we have become aware of each and every challenge is uniquely designed for us to help us grow and so we give thanks for it and the blessing that it truly is."

"...rather than letting ourselves get dragged into the battle of egos, we remain calm, anchored in the Holy Now and simply let the unconsciousness rage on. We don't have to get into arguments, defending our positions or right to be right. We may simply just create a space of love and compassion, a space where the unconsciousness will dissolve." (theloveandlightstore)

"Life isn't about getting praise. It's about exploring your human experience and learning to live in clarity regardless of circumstances." (link)

The test is whether the state you call happiness changes or not when circumstances change. True happiness is not related to external conditions but comes from the unconditioned.
The ego will be happy when something good happens but unhappy when it ends.

"A built-in reminder is the simple understanding that whenever any kind of unhappiness arises, you know you've lost the now. That's a built-in little alarm clock. The moment you realize you've lost the now, come back to the now. Immediately the alertness is back. It's always available. After a while, when you see that you're identified with thinking, that you are basically asleep in the dreamland of thought, then step out of thought into now. [...] the qualitative difference is so vast between the state of presence and being identified with mental noise. As you become familiar with presence, you will "choose" presence more and more, rather than being identified with thought."

Decks #121 and #80: Tarot of the Sidhe and The Love Pack