C4 + CQ, Mary-el + Celestial


Themes: "Landscapes of the Abyss (the unconscious)" + "Written in the Stars"

2 times Cups, and A LOT of water in these pics!
Emotions in motion - turbulence and movement in the unconscious!


Mary-el Tarot: Four of Cups
"No emotion or dream is without cause or meaning. They are not random flotsam, but meaningful windows and clues into that which the subconscious is dealing with. This is important because it is the foundation for your consciousness, it colors your whole perception of the world, decides what information you will take notice of, what motivates you, drives you"
"The shell is a dream, emotion, perception, or intuition, a gift from the ocean of your subconscious not to be taken lightly or repressed, but to be given reverence and just consideration" <3
"Just like a pearl that takes many, many layers of slow coating, this is how the emotions should be tended to, slowly, surely and something beautiful will result."
Keywords: "Slowly work on a problem, proceed, move forward, create what you want, one slow layer at a time, like a pearl"

Celestial Tarot: Queen of Cups
"...the human surrogate for the goddess of mystery and the underworld."
"...she is the catalyst that will bring soulful feelings to the surface for healing and revelation."
"When embodied, the Queen of Cups is a charismatic woman who mysteriously draws feelings and reactions to the surface for a therapeutic outcome"

Decks #91 and #15: The Mary-el Tarot and Celestial Tarot