Celebrate You, The Answer Is Simple


Theme: The Answer Is Simple

Card: Celebrate You
"You're flowing in the grace of your Spirit, and it shows. There's light in your eyes and fire in your belly. You're a joy to be around and an inspiration to others. Stay present to your inner radiance and remain focused on your Spirit. Let it continue to lead day by day, and don't be afraid to tell others about your joy. You've been faithful to your Spirit, and the results are beginning to show.
Now is the time to celebrate. You're a delight to the heavens and those around you. Your light brightens the world and uplifts others who have lost their way. Acknowledge your efforts and feel great about what you've accomplished. This will teach your ego to be supportive of, rather than combative with, your Spirit - it can learn a new way. The more you openly celebrate your Spirit, the more your ego will relax and begin to trust it. When ego and Spirit become partners, you'll begin to live an unbelievably charmed life. You're on your way - keep it up.