Clear the Air + PP, Sacred Traveler + Good Tarot


! New DECKS !

Themes: "there are secret messages all around you" + "for the greater good"

"Your life is a spiritual quest that may be fraught with uncertainties; however, it's through this sojourn that you transform, heal, and bring greater love and awareness into your life and into the world" ~ Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards 

"We're at a time of unprecedented change in the world, and I believe people are looking again at ancient oracles to receive personal guidance because they are not getting the answers and insights they need when they consult the usual sources of psychology and science" ~ The Good Tarot 


Sacred Traveler: Distant Thunder, "Clear the Air"

"Dramatic purification, renewal, and healing are occurring on many levels. Don't be concerned if there is chaos in your life; in this instance it is good."
"It's time to clear out clutter; release the old, discarded and unused. Clear the air and release situations and people who don't empower you."
"New energy is flooding your energy field."
Good Tarot: Page of Earth ('Page of Pentacles')
"Commitment to prosperity."
"Dreams grounded in reality"
"I have the ability to attract what I need"

It might feel (to the Ego and Frightened Parts) like chaos and Tumbling Down (last card) when the Thunder of Change rumble in the vicinity. When "new" (read: always available, but formerly resisted, spiritual) energy (lightning) is (now allowed to) flooding your energy field. Because I, as a conscious captain of my ship, have chosen to step back, and "let the universe do it's thing".

("Good") Things being to "happen" all around me, 'as by itself', and the Ego craves to jump back into old habits and ACT, DO, TALK - under the flags of "capture the moment", "cast while the iron is hot" and the like. Nicely dressed versions of manipulation, control and other such future-oriented activities. 

"In fact, taking action without any inward reflection is a likely sign of fear: We don't trust or even believe in Spirit in helping us achieve our goal." (thezenofhollywood)

"Doing creates and perpetuates the myth that we're in control; being acknowledges that God's in control." (

Frightened Parts are overwhelmed by the intense inflow of "source-energy", and oscillate between fear of it and indulgence in it - the desire to hold on to it, in fear of loosing it (The so called Upper-limit problem). 
"Me" and the Loving Parts of my Personality calmly lean back, watch, and enjoy the growing and coming feeling of harmony, and the loud silence in the background - where all the noise and chaos arise from. My own version of meditation.  


Are all these different reactions new, and/or getting stronger?
No - I'm just becoming more and more aware of them - and detached from them. And - less, and less 'owned' by my negative patterns!

"As awareness grows some people begin to think they're "getting worse," so to speak, but they're simply becoming more conscious of what has already been there for many years. People will often ask me if they are "getting worse" because they can still detect dysfunctional or reactive patterns within themselves. It's not as if those patterns will simply disappear as awareness grows; you'll just be more aware of them.

Ultimately as you become more aware of reactive patterns, you can see them whereas before you were them. There's a huge difference between seeing a pattern inside yourself and being the pattern-or being used by it, merging with it, or acting it out totally." ~ (

(Additional reading: "Dissolve the Ego 101")

The craving to interfere in this and that - instead of letting things unfold in an organic natural way - slowly fades away, and harmony takes it's place. 
The fear that "someone or something will make it (harmony, happiness, prosperity, 'luck') go away" slowly dies - and inner security takes it's place. 
My life-long resentment and unconscious demand that "someone or something should create or give it to me" withers - and a deep trust in the universe takes it place.
My inherited and well rehearsed pattern to control and manipulate things to go a certain way becomes a more and more uninteresting choice - and attracting what I want becomes a more and more comfortable habit!

"When the impulse comes to be angry, the awareness is there; and at that moment then, you will have a choice in how to express it-not to keep it down-but to take one conscious breath, or walk somewhere, or simply be there as the presence and let it pass through you.

Then after that, you may find the impulse is not as strong as before and you notice it just as it comes in-and immediately you're there as the presence. And the impulse meets the light of presence and it melts. So be patient with yourself!" (

Being - Doing - Having !

First you have to be who you are (essence-wise - not personality-wise), then you can do what you want, and have what you need!
Not the other way around!

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon"