Clear the Fog + The Hermit, Answer Is Simple + Light Seer's


The Answer Is Simple and The Light Seer's Tarot. By my own choice, as I'm travelling and decided to only bring three decks by choice with me. 

The Answer Is Simple: Clear the Fog
"Life looks a bit foggy now, and your ego is distorting the truth. It's time to summon the pure heart of your Spirit so that you're correctly informed. The first step to clearing away the confusion is to take nothing personally. Stay aware, and learn as much as you can. Listen closely, observe the details, and be on guard for a tendency to interpret things from an overly emotional point of view, especially when it comes to the behaviour of others."
The Light Seer's Tarot: The Hermit
"taking time away from the chaos of a busy life"
Reversed "SHADOW SEER: withdrawing from society, ... , forever seeking without healing, feeling like a misfit"
"It's time to make space for your sacred aloneness and self-care. If you are feeling disconnected from your spiritual north, this time of solitary withdrawal will help you to connect with your own compass, Soul-purpose, spiritual awakening, and deep inner wisdom spring from this energy."