Clouds + W1, Far Sight + Joie de Vivre


The Universe really wants me to enjoy living, it's the 3rd time Joie de Vivre Tarot comes with wisdom to me since the beginning of this Card of the Day thing!

Theme(s): "look to the bigger picture - there's a greater force at work" + "Enjoy Living"

"Look forward, enjoy the now"

The (read: my) Ego has a tendency to feel impatience - which comes out as irritation (if slight, frustration if greater) over "nothing is happening", "it's happening too slow". It has a tendency to feel stuck (hindered, delayed) all the time!!
Because The Ego - intellectual mind-thoughts - has very limited capacity to "see beyond". Incapacity to see and appreciate all the things happening beyond the physical plane. The Ego part in me (as well as in everyone else) desperately needs action, something to do, tangible (physical) results - and the intellects desperately needs reasons, explanations, stories and descriptions to nail its thoughts to!
"If we are to reach this/that, surely there must be something to be DONE - All. The. Time."
"It must be through doing and hard work one reach something, right?"
"It's all about sitting down, think, and making the best, most efficient plan, right?"
"That's how to reach Goals, right? That's how to initiate action (Ace of Wands), right?"
"That's how to reach (in the future) happiness (Joie de Vivre), right?"

The Ego get's irritated when there's nothing to DO - when it seems (from its, limited, view) that there is so much to do, and needs to be done..! "The Plan!!!" It gets irritated when the energy to do all it believes must be done seems to be missing (neglecting that the cause to that might just be that nothing needs to or should be done at the moment)
The intellect and mind part gets irritated that there's no clear path (Cloudy), there are no clear answers, there's nothing clear about the situation! 

Nature laughs a resounding belly-laugh, like an all-embracing Buddha!
"You really do refuse to accept it, don't you - The Now, as it IS!?"

The Ego and mind-intellect just wont stop in their complaining, habitual assumings and worrying - stop playing the same old outworn records over and over - and just FEEL. Because then would recognise that everything isn't the way it used to be! They do not want to see that, as that (in their perspective) would make them unnecessary. That scares the hell out of them! 
There is a small still voice beyond their shatter, saying that everything is taken care of, that everything is just the way it is. That every situation has its purpose - beyond their grasp and planning, as a part of some much larger (universal) plan! 
"We want to know, have control, have reasons, do, act, think, analyse, optimise - show off our strengths!!!"
"We want to be important!"
"We dislike this unclear, irrational, foggy, plan-less existence!"

But it's not foggy and plan-less!
It's just that the plan is a part of a greater plan that they can't grasp - because it is not a plan of the physical. It's not a plan of the intellect. It's a plan of the Soul and Heart - unreachable from the thinking intellect and the outward focused ego. 
Fog is not something bad, it's just not clear yet! Fog just reveals that the time is not ripe yet. It would be madness to push forward in the fog - what if there's a cliff ahead? Why be mad at the fog? Why be mad at any weather?!
Why be mad that "your plans" gets halted, changed, delayed - whatever - what if the Universe has something even smarter, better, greater in store for you - better than you could ever dared to imagined - if you would only stop. Pause. Listen. Feel. Breathe!

Yes, I have sort of thrown away Goals and Plans, and think I am working rather in directions - and leaving the unfolding of the advance in those directions (or needed deviation there from) - as to when and where - to the Universe/Nature/greater forces/intuition/non-physical Guidance!  
It's such an inspiring and exciting way to live - for the Soul and my Essence, not necessarily for the Ego (Frightened Parts) and the intellect ;)

I know it!

First was the conviction. There's something more to life than this (or that)! But that was not enough to make me trust.
Than there was the (more or less forced) decision. 
Than there were studies. More studies. And some more studies.
Then came (awakened) the knowing!
Then came the listening to Dreams, Tarot, Horoscope (Non-physical Guidance).
Some more studying.
Then, finally, came the feeling!
Some more studying.
And now I finally begin to hear that Still, Small Inner Voice - the one beyond the above Ego and mind-noise, which - thankfully - is quieting down!
Some more studying :)
And then...?!

Far Sight Lenormand: Clouds, Reversed
"Darker clouds suggest perplexity; doubt; disorganised thoughts" (Ego and intellect trying to grasp something beyond thoughts - life..!)
"Light or dark clouds signify changeable conditions" ("Train your self to flip the (mental) script")
"A troubled person"

Joie de Vivre Tarot: Ace of Wands
"Creativity, beginnings, energy, intuition"
"Setting forth confidently on her new adventure, Spark holds a flaming star of life force within."
"Follow your intuition as you forge boldly ahead in your desired direction with with enthusiasm and passion. A spiritual awakening will take place while considering your options. There's good reason to remain optimistic about your future!"

Decks #41 and #70: Far Sight Lenormand and Joie de Vivre Tarot.