Death + Page of Pent's, Holy Light + Harmonious


Themes: enlightenment/awakening ("explicit spiritual growth") + "Harmony"

Tarot of the Holy Light: Death
"accepting permanent change of state. Surcease, release."
"For many, it is only at the threshold of Death that they understand their life."
"...possibility of radical and permanent change with no going back. The Death icon presents the necessity yo absolutely abandon the past and all of its attachments, to become worthy of the future that is yet to come."
"...we're ready to release everything that made it possible for us to exist in the old context"
"This doesn't mean that there is no life on the other side of this passage, only that it is necessary to completely reframe our understanding of ourselves, our potentials, even our very purpose for living. Life as we know it is gone. Now what will we do with ourselves?"
Harmonious Tarot: Page of Pentacles (R)
"Incentives. New commercial initiatives, business intuition."