Death + Six of Wands, Sidhe + Raven's Prophecy


Themes: "The Gift of..." + "balancing logic-creativity"

Tarot of the Sidhe: Death (R)
"Fear me not, for I am the owl's wisdom that flies by night, I am the golden wings of the untethered soul. I am the candlelit path to a new existence, I am the shining memories of those that passed before. I am the spiral of renewal and the clear starlit sky. I am that which is forgotten and yet always longed for. I am the kindling f new life, I am evolution, I am transformation of your inner being"
"Step forward bravely, and you will see that Death is but a land of life renewed..."
"This card is about cutting away the things which limit us, even if it hurts to do so, allowing us to move on. To the Sidhe, death is not a process to be feared, but rather a gateway into a new level of existence."
"It is a new moon, a time of endings and beginning. Is it a coincidence that the first light of the crescent as it forms after the dark of the moon resembles a scythe? It is there to remind us to cut away that which is not needed to make room for the new life."
Raven's Prophecy Tarot: Six of Wands (R)
"Pop the champagne!"
"After the chaotic distraction of the Five, you've emerged triumphant and you're being recognized for your achievement." Reversed. Not so much - why I'm feeling forced (or that it is time) to cut some things off (Death) - in one way or another. But what and how to cut, not to hurt unnecessarily (but hopefully "teach")? How to cut with compassion and empathy (although not "getting that treatment myself")?
What to cut? That which limits me. But maybe also consider cutting (or taking some distance from) that which not recognizes (values) me? Is it possible to cut someone's behaviour off without cutting the person off?
It's not so much about that I "need recognition" as it is about common decency/maturity to show appreciation and affection, and that I'm less and less interested in hanging with people not capable of showing this - as I'm feeling more and more secure in my own worth and value and feel that life is an awesome mystery, I feeling more and more done with being around people not appreciative of neither me, others nor life in general. People neglecting, degrading or being constantly sarcastic towards me, "showing no or little interest, affection and/or appreciation in between", and paying little or no interest in my needs or wishes. Not primarily because I need it (although my ego disagree), but because I prefer hanging with people that appreciate life (me included) and it's challenges, who take responsibility for their life, and have the courage and will to change and grow - and give and receive love.