Deception, Love Pack


Theme: "Love" (bought the  deck with 'new relations' in mind, don't really feel whether this is longer relevant or not)

'Cards can help you learn to surf the waters of emotions, rather than drown in the waves.'
Card: Deception, from the 'problem' suit.
The Problem Suit. "These cards represent the traps and problems that hold us back" (note: from Being Love)
"As we deceive, we feel guilty and, whether we are conscious of it or not, our guilt begins to separate us"
"We don't realise that we are both cheating ourselves and setting up a destructive pattern."
'You reap what you sow'. (on The Law of Attraction)
"There is no problem that does not have deception or self-deception at its root."

"Think of your conscious mind-your "thinking" mind-as the captain of the ship. When the conscious mind tells you to go in a certain direction and your ship slams into the rocks, it means the ship's crew is going against the captain's orders. It means there is an incongruence between what the captain is directing and what the crew are doing."
"A big part of cleaning up what you're attracting externally is to become aware of what you have going on internally." (

"The best attitude with regard to Deception is never to do anything you wouldn't want the whole world to know about."
"You should also let go of naivety and find the truth."