Devil + Judgement, Fountain + Light Seer´s


! 2 NEW - very beautiful - DECKS !

Theme(s): "interconnectedness" + "the journey of shadows and sunshine"

First up for Devil and Judgement since I started this Card of the Day reporting. And 2+ on Majors --> 28,9%. Which makes them correctly represented - probabilistically speaking, as 22/78 is about 28,2%!

I see:
1) Separateness, cloaking, self-made bondage, soaking, yin-yang 
2) "You are more than your body (thoughts/feelings)" - I am (my essence is) that which is beyond the physical, and that which is coming and going, Let Go
3) 2 being the way out of 1.

The Fountain Tarot: The Devil
"Bondage to Indulgence"
"The forces in life that genuinely move us forward are not always black and white. They are complex and powered by fearsome and sometimes dangerous energy."
"The Devil card is not about evil. It is about forces of desire, indulgence, and abandon - natural human qualities that flow in both directions, resulting in either growth and freedom or bondage and addiction."
(A situation can never be bad - it just IS. So it is how one chooses to see it, and what one is able to of/with it that counts. Do I choose freedom and growth in every situation - or do I let myself believe the fearful feelings of being chained to/by the situation?
Do I engage in eventual feelings of fear by (re)acting out guilt, blame, anger and frustration - or do I in a mature way accept the situation for what it IS - NOW. Can I calmly and silently remove myself, or detach myself and respond in a peaceful way - or say/do what's needed - and neutrally reflect on and learn from the situation afterwords, with a sense of gratefulness for the opportunity to grow spiritually?)

"The solution is extreme honesty with yourself and an assessment of what is actually needed, Surrender? Commitment? Restraint?
"REVERSAL: removed obstacles, controlled energy, a clear direction"
(From The Fountain Tarot Booklet)

The Light Seer's Tarot: Judgement
"You have judged others and have been judged yourself, and you have awakened to the understanding that the only approval that really matters is your own."
"Are you doing your best with others, and with yourself?"
"It's time to shed any negative facades - drop the masks behind the masks. It may feel risky, yet this profound act of self-acceptance will unleash your absolute essence..."
"There is no way to really understand your full potential until you are open and honest with your own heart...without judgement."
"Forgive your beautiful soul."
"Accept your beautiful heart."
"As you do, you consciously answer the call of your Highest Self, and the vastness of your horizon will make itself available to you."
"REVERSAL: Self-doubt, hiding behind many masks, a need to let go of a shadow aspect of your story, denying yourself and your loved ones the experience of your true nature or essence."
(From The Light Seer's Tarot Booklet)


"Train yourself to flip the script!"

* Namaste *