Eight of Cups, Aleister Crowley Thoth


Theme: "a higher calling"

Four empty cups, four filled.
Saturn at the top, Pisces at the bottom.
Endless dark waters, heavy sky.
Some sort of platforms, or maybe small pools of brighter water, spread evenly over the surface - are they stepping stones? Where to tread not to fall into the dark waters (emotions) of fear? 
Fears (any dark feelings) are not to be avoided or denied.
Walk on top your fears. Gaze into the darkness, without falling pray. 
'Look at the crucifixion, but do not dwell on it' (Marianne Williamson)
Look at them, recognize them, give them names by all means, but make the decision not to nurture them (nor to believe). 'Walk away from them' - Eight of Cups.

It's not easy - but essential.
And sometimes it takes an awful lot of time, and circumstances force you to sit with those emotions for what feels like - for ever! (reversed)
It's 'for your own good' (growth). 
Hence, for the good of all.

Patience my dear!
This too shall pass.
But, no rush.
Haste not.
What's meant for you, will wait for you.
Wait for you to go through the process.
Because the process is crucial.
Necessary for growth, and for preparation.
Preparation for the next stage of your path, and phase of your life.

Relax, and yourself be carried by The Universe.
You don't have to Do anything, just Be, and let yourself be guided.

Card: Eight of Cups - Indolence (R)
"Spiritual awareness is crucial!"
"The broken, fragmentary handles of the cups make clear that this is about overriding needs, about greater feelings, which are not easy to grasp or understand and tolerate to bear."
"Do the right thing at the right time, and give up everything else!"
"You can overcome obstacles and reach new heights when you make your inner flow the guideline of your actions."