Eight of Cups + Eight of Swords, Chalice + Spiral


Themes: "Family" (or navigating times of fear, hope and anxiety) + "advancing on the spiral of growth"

Chalice Tarot: Eight of Cups
"...symbolises the way the emotions have now become shut-in and withdrawn. The individual may now be difficult to reach.
This withdrawal may be the result of disappointment for the querent, or sadness. The emotional resources of the individual may be drained, see that he or she has nothing more to give. The querent is now ready to walk away from what might be perceived as an unsatisfactory situation.
Provided that the individual does not allow himself or herself to become stuck in this situation through bitterness or regret, the positive potential of this card is that there is now the freedom to move onto a more rewarding set of circumstances. The querent is now able to forego immediate gratification in order to seek something better.
" Came up in reversed, and I really feel that I'm on top of the last sentence. 
Spiral Tarot: Eight of Swords
"Fear is keeping you bound and oppressed; use your mind creatively to get out of the situation. The choice is yours." Also came up in reversed, and I feel that I'm on top of making choices and using my mind to get out of my mind - the imaginary self-created bonds I let myself get trapped in every now and then.