Eight of Cups + Four of Cups, Alchemy + Elora


Themes: "Dark forces pulling" + "collaboration from a yin/feminine perspective"

Two cards telling almost the same story.
The first says Dark Forces resisting happiness or resisting continued work for "full success".
The second talks about "wanting more", not wanting to collaborate for or give nourishment to to the things already gained/attained/growing.

Alchemy: Eight of Cups
Upright: "Discontinuance of effort, shyness, modesty, abandoned success."
Reversed: "Happiness, effort continued until full success attained, gaiety, feasting"
Elora Tarot: Four of Cups - Ennui
"The 4 of Cups is what I call "the grass is always greener" card. The stem of the plant is a representation of the self. The small cups are what you have; the larger cup represents what you wish you had. If you take a closer look at the large cup, you will see that the line-work is a combination of the smaller cups. This is to show that you already have what you desire; you just need to look at it from a different perspective. The sun is meant to represent the soul and all the brightness and vibrancy comes from within. The rainbow and the grass are actually the same on both side."