Eight of Cups, Glastonbury Tarot


Theme: "mirror living / a look in the mirror"

I have the The Glastonbury Tarot application.
Card: Eight of Chalices
"...indicates that it is now time to say farewell to old, outworn patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving you. There is a need to rediscover a sense of playfulness, and to explore all the possibilities that lie within the different aspects of yourself."
"This card signifies that you are now becoming aware of the many facets of your being. You can choose which of these you wish to explore and to present to the world, with the knowledge that each aspect of yourself is only a small part of who and what you truly are. At this time you are now free to experiment with and explore your potential. Perhaps it is time to raise any masks that you have been hiding behind, and let the real 'you' shine!"