Eight of Cups, Golden Age of Hollywood


Remember that you're in the authority to say NO!

This deck has four extra cards - a 'Veto' in each suit.
"The power of one person or body to prohibit a course of action chosen by another." 

Not a time to 'give in' or 'please' (is it ever?)!!
Show your face.
Draw boundaries.
Be clear with what you have to offer.
EVEN if it's not what 'fill the other's cups'!
If he "doesn't give a damn" - let him walk! 

Chances are that your integrity and strength ignite something within the other, and inspire this one to realize they actually DO give a damn and that it's worth getting out of the comfort zone showing it!
And if this doesn't happen?
Keep standing your ground, and someone who do give a damn will turn up :)

It's not about right or wrong, 'playing hard to get' or ultimatums, but about living in alignment with your core values, and practicing openness and transparency.

Maybe this is uncomfortable to you, maybe it feels like 'two steps forward one step back' - reversed.
Practice makes perfect!
Remember yesterday's card?!
Learning by doing :)

Deck: #GoldenAgeOfHollywood
Theme: "veto"
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R)
"Frankly Scarlett, I don't give a damn!"

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