Eight of Pentacles, Mystic Mondays


Theme: "Good vibes!"

Deck: Mystic Mondays
Card: Eight of Pentacles (R)
"Self judgement, Impatience, Perfectionism"
"Frustration is building up after spending so much time and resources on a project with little reward. Your patience is wearing thin, and you are wondering if this endeavor is worth your efforts."
"Release judgement"
"Everything takes time! You are on your unique path. Struggle is part of the journey and will be worth it when you apply yourself."

So, the 'Partnership' reversed yesterday, and a card called 'Fantasy' later - creating dream images for things "missing". I certainly used to do this when younger. I don't think I do that anymore, but I guess there could be remnants left. Not so much wishes of how I would like it to be, but still thoughts on how I DON'T want it to be. Lingering irritation regarding things not changing/developing as fast as I wish, I guess. And sure, "am I doing all this work in vain?!"
Only if I have a particular result (reward) in mind...!
That fantasy image, that dream of an easy-going partnership living happily ever after.
Although - no one is hindering me from being happy - that's all in my own hands. All the time. Every moment I have that choice.
And, now.

So - keep sending out those Good Vibes!
Don't let anyone or anything stop you!

I can't make others grateful, or happy, but I can try showing them the way.
There's no way no happiness - happiness IS the way.