Eight of Pentacles + Three of Wands, New Vision + Hermetic


Theme: "looking at it from a new angle" + "Abstract, complex - beyond comprehension (for the time being)"

A New Vision on what work is, is advised, and the results of it is beyond comprehension and impossible to predict. Or, working in the advised new way leads to incomprehensible strength? :) 

New Vision: Eight of Pentacles
"Manual ability, commission"
Face value reflection: remember, it's not only you who's working. As the traditional version of the P8 only shows one person. And "maybe not working in the same way, or on the same thing, but still hard working". 
Hermetic Tarot: Three of Wands - Lord of Established Strength
"A hand issuing from heavy clouds holds three wands in the center; two crossed wands and one upright."
Meanings "Established force. Strength. Acumen. Realization of Hope. Completion. Success. Nobility. Wealth. Power."