Eight of Pentacles, Tree Tarot


Theme: Slow And Steady Organic Growth

Card: Eight of Pentacles
"... a tangled winter forest with a path of pentacles leading up a hillside. This path has been carefully constructed to allow an easier climb up the hill in the winter months."
"... about paying attention to details and being diligent in your work. This card may signal the need to redouble your efforts on a project and keep your eyes focused on a goal."
"The Eight of Pentacles is very much about seeking out external knowledge (in comparison with the Hermit, which is about inner knowledge).
"This card tells you that the key to success is to do your best work and give 100% of your effort to be rewarded."

The Tarot of Trees is currently deck #136 in my collection
(there's a physical version, as well as an app)