Eight of Swords, Chalice Tarot


Theme: "Family" (or navigating times of fear/hope, uncertainty and anxiety)

Card: Eight of Swords (appearing for the 9th time)
"This card tends to suggest that a deadlock has come about in the mental energies of the querent, most specially ... within the realm of communication with others." Theme family/close relationship.
"The parties concerned need to find a common wavelength so that mutual misunderstanding might be ironed out."
But maybe there's nothing "wrong" with this.
Maybe there's no real misunderstanding.


"Self-limiting beliefs, inner critic, releasing negative thoughts, open to new perspectives"
"Catch yourself when you are in a negative thought pattern and break the cycle." This is one of the topics I'm doing rather great progress in at the moment.
"...you are more prone to negative self-talk and suffering at the hands of your inner critic. You feel trapped because every time you try to do something, your inner critic tells you why it's wrong ... so you give up trying altogether." Yes, the give-up-reflex in me is quite easily triggered when feeling uncertain. The "it's no use". The "why bother".
"...skeletons in the closet need clearing out. Allow yourself to let go of the old patterns of behaviour and belief systems holding you back."
"On the positive side, when the Eight of Swords appears reversed, it can show that you are releasing yourself from negative patterns and belief systems. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you can create a more positive reality for yourself by letting go of those self-limiting beliefs. You made it through a difficult time, and you are more open to change and self-acceptance." I really think and feel so. Not that it's happening that quickly, over-night, but I can feel the ongoing change.