Eight of Swords, Healing Tarot


Theme: Healing/Health

As hinted to, my body and mind are quite disconnected - from each other, and from the Source. There have been too much head - too little trust/intuition. The eyes look, but I don't see - the head intercept, and block intuition and 'true perception'. The Ego/head make plans, come up with 'ideas', and so on and so forth. Car accidents keep happening close around, creating "delays" and forces me to "take other paths".

My body is very tired from the resistance of the Ego/head and the blocks creates - the blocking of Source Energy/Qi. There's some pain, some strains, aches, dizziness, fatigue, to name a few of the "symptoms". 

When I enter this rather severely blocked status, it takes quite some time to "get out of it". Firstly because I have to get out of the "get out of it" attitude :)
That is still the first response. I dislike the blocks, resistance, pains and limits that has been created - and want to get out of it again, and 'back in the flow' and trust as soon as possible. But - forcing and hurrying doesn't help. Acceptance and patience is the only "cure" - seeing everything for what it is. Face reality. "Accept the Is:ness of the Now".

It's not enough to merely believe and wait - it's about reaching true acceptance. It's not enough to "yes, yes, I KNOW". Acceptance has to be made with an OPEN HEART - not with thoughts about an open heart...! Just as true giving is without strings attached - not giving to (consciously or unconsciously) get/receive.

It's not about showing an accepting facade, and talking about acceptance - it's about cultivating and then maintaining an accepting and truly loving heart.

That makes it easier to breath ('respiratory problems')!