Empress + Justice, Zikus Mägi + White Cats


Theme(s): "the circus of life" + "Integrity; pure intentions"

Zirkus Mägi: The Seer ('The Empress')
"The Greeks, the Celts, the Norse, all venerated The Seer for her connection to the deeper mysteries of life. Only in Western culture and in Christianity has The Feminine been diminished in stature and importance: in these modern schools of thought, she has been stripped of all but her ability to bear children. In this way has the Modern world strayed even farther, dangerously far, from the realm of what Dr. Jung has named "the collective unconscious""
"...one of the most important cards in any Tarot pack. She must be magical. She must be deep. She must be profound. Her face must tell a story, and must have a large story behind it that remains mysterious."
White Cats: Justice
"Decisions can never be unilateral" Everything - yes everything - IS connected to everything else.

Boundaries vs Walls