Empress + P1, Hobbit + Harmonious


Theme(s): "An Unexpected Journey" + "Harmonious Life"

Yes, today I embark on another educational journey, on behalf of my education in horse driving for agriculture and forestry
This particular upcoming week there are some surprises and exciting challenges on the agenda - so, The Hobbit Tarot feels quite suiting! And the journey is taken in company with my education companions, and a wise guide (our teacher) :D
(those who have read  or watched The Hobbit knows that it's subtitled "an unexpected journey")
It's lovely that The Hobbit Empress is accompanied by the Harmonious P1 - very comforting cards to draw as a preparation!
Might I assume that the upcoming week will be a challenging but exciting adventure? An eventful treasure hunt - with the treasure being all the opportunities to practice present moment awareness and acceptance in the middle of being in the unknown and new? Practice staying open and alert for 'non-physical guidance' (Empress) - which is sort of a prerequisite when handling horses (animals)? And, that I also have the potential to "make it", and grow new capacity (P1)? 
Also, the week will be rounded off with an event - a little bit of a "facing the dragon event", if you ask me! 

The Hobbit Tarot: The Empress
"Bilbo and Gandalf are united in the deepest of spiritual love with their fellow Companions n this great Quest. Gandalf point with the forefinger of his right hand, showing us the direction the Companions are to take. Or has he just spotted someone or something coming over the horizon? We are here in this place, reminded of the tremendous power of spiritual and earthly love, which has motivated life itself, and expressed itself in innumerable forms."
Harmonious Tarot: Ace of Pentacles
"Joy, happiness, news, great fortune"

Further preview:

As I often do when I go away, I will bring some decks with me. I do the random thing as usual, and draw one deck for each day. I was rather amused when I saw which decks appeared! 3 of the 4 I will bring with me:

Girlfriend's Tarot
Law of Attraction (Guess for which day - yes, Valentine's Day..! One of 148 decks...)
Romantic Tarot

Quite a lovely trio, this Valentine week, for a single woman like me! ;)

Of course, these decks do not represent romantic or emotional 'outer' love, but rather symbolical inner work regarding unity and union - but I still get a strong sense of presence of greater forces when these subtle things happen, and I can't help smiling at the humorous way these forces chooses to show them selves!
I never (so far) get any "big signs", these "sudden struck by lightning" things - but always these subtle messages, not containing anything particular to grab, act on or hold on to. I guess it is to force me to grow a conviction, and build up strength from the inside. After all, my Life Path number is 8 - Strength in (most) Tarot decks. Exactly this Inner kind of Strength - or Authentic Power, to use another name.

The Universe really forces me to stay open, present and alert, as not to miss these subtle, cryptic, and veiled signs of 'connectedness'!
It really forces me to 'get out of my head and into my heart' - the longest half meter there is ;)

Decks #64 and #58: The Hobbit Tarot and Harmonious Tarot