Five of Cups + The Moon, Riderless + Kingdom Within

I read for the C5, "meaningless relationship".

Are there really any?!
I don't think so.
But of course, situations can sometimes FEEL 'meaningless' - if you ask your ego.
Because of "things never changing" for example.
Instinctive (un-reined - riderless) reaction. 

Because the ego looks outside...

Because the ego can't see any evidence of change.
Because the changes are on a deeper, intimate, level (see yesterday's card about intimacy and building a foundation - inside out).

Before I went to sleep yesterday I pulled "Be Patient" from the Answer Is Simple oracle laying beside my bed.
A card showing a child afraid of going down the slide - and a queue building up behind her.

Maybe the "nothing happening", "no visible change" in another is because of a deep fear you know nothing about.
Maybe someone is deeply afraid, without even knowing it.

Would it help the anxious child in the slide to be judged - whether it be silent or out loud? 

As always, it all comes back to - 'you have everything you need within'.
Sure - things could maybe 'be better'. But that just how life is - sunshine and rain altering.

The ego doesn't like 'being patient'. 
"Waiting" brings up fear.
Fears laying dormant in the deep waters of the unconscious.
Waiting to be triggered.
Needed to be brought to the light, and 'shined away'.

So. Maybe reflect (something the moon excel in) on your own fears of waiting instead of judging "lack of change/progress/courage" in another.

There are still two flowers blooming. Enjoy them!

Deck: Riderless Tarot
Theme: unbridled instincts

Deck: The Kingdom Within
Theme: All you need is Within you