Five of Pentacles, Crystal Visions Tarot


Theme: "the answer is in the future/yet to be unveiled" - This deck has 79 cards (compared to the "usual" 78). It includes the extra "Unknown Card, representing "an answer that's not yet meant to be revealed.

This correlates nicely with what I have been written about the last couple of days. I explicitly wrote about "will be revealed in due time" 3 days ago!

Today I woke up with considerable nervousness present in my body (not there when I went to bed). Some of it anxiety, but I perceive most of it to be some sort of anticipation. It would be easy to label Anticipation as being "better" than anxiety - but both still, as the attentive reader has registered, have to do with the future, and not The Now! 

Therefore I calmly focus on not letting it engage me, as a truth. But I am also careful not to push the feeling away, it or judge it. What I do is to I acknowledge, feel, and allow the feelings to just be there, as they are!
I do not try to find answers or solutions to my feelings, as I know they will be revealed in due time - right in time!
I also stay clear of too much action and initiatives, as recommended 2 days ago, and due to the deep seated "not yet feeling" - despite the fact that Frightened Parts of my Personality (mind) dislike "loose ends" and nervous feelings, and want to act or do something - ANYthing - to get out of the situation!


Card: Five of Pentacles
"...represents a lack of material prosperity, failure or loss"
"...can also indicate feeling alone, abandoned, anxious and unwanted" (the Frightened Parts that worry about the future, and only see problems and things that must be solved in the present)

"A mother and child huddled together under a bare tree are cold, tired, hungry, and possibly homeless. Though their situation is bleak, they have the warmth, love and companionship of each other. They may be materially poor, but spiritually they prosper." (The loving Parts of the Personality, which don't judge and don't worry - and know and feel that everything is alright)

Reversed: " can indicate a return to employment, financial or emotional security, companionship..." (once the reactions of the Frightened Parts of my personality subsides, the feeling of safety and stability will once again be present)