Five of Pent's + Six of Pent's, Healing Earth + Shapeshifter


Themes: "healing Earth, one human at the time (starting with oneself)" + "the ability to embody the characteristics of another being" for a higher understanding/awareness

Healing Earth Tarot: Five of Shields
"...symbolizes worry and anxiety probably caused by survival forces. The image shows a bedraggled woman wandering in a barren, cold landscape. It is easy to make ourselves into beggars when we lose sight of our own inner majesty. Lost in the unconscious belief that we cannot be respected without outer acknowledgement"
"...the five stars have appeared as five stars foretelling a change. Even in the midst of the desolate landscape, she takes the courage to dance her appreciation of this vision."
"...shows a way out of a situation in which worry and anxiety have turned the reader into a beggar. Believing you do not have the right to be who you are, you lose any sense of self esteem and wander in the wasteland of your own misery. Wallowing in this morass of self doubt and comparison leads further into the wasteland. Finding the vision to see what you are doing to yourself can bring the awareness necessary for change to come of its own accord."
Shapeshifter Tarot: 6 of Earth (R) - Charity ('Six of Pentacles')
"Kindness, sharing, generosity"


P6 reversed "...make sure you are also giving to yourself. A little self-care will go a long way, especially if you have been in giving mode for a long time."
"While a generous spirit is a wonderful quality, you need to ensure that you are able to support yourself while helping others."
and... "give selflessly rather than selfishly."
but... "You need to be careful that your generous spirit is not being taken advantage of and that you are not always the one making compromises for your partner's benefit."

Authentic sharing can be tricky.