Five of Pent's + The Empress, Tree + Secret


Themes: "slow organic growth" - "secrets are revealed for the trained eye, the intuitive and the open mind"

Tarot of Trees: Five of Pentacles (R)
"struggle to make ends meet"
I see 5 pentagrams flowing downhill on a cold river, among rocks in a rather barren landscape. I think, maybe things feel a bit "barren" now - but just flow along!
How? By embracing your nurturing and feminine energies, symbolised by:
Secret Tarot: The Empress
Things are probably not 'totally dead and barren', and as unproductive as it seems. There are things processing and happening 'beyond the seen' - feel it! Stay focused, and a little passive for the time being. Watch things slowly change, and come to life.
"beneficial influence" See what wants to come to life, support it! Leave the negative, just flow pass and over it - those cold rocks! Just let it be what it is! Nurture and support whatever positive and good growing beneath, and from, it! Look forward!