Five of Swords + King of Swords, Dream Raven + Native American


Themes: "carrier of messages for the soul" + "everything has it's own spirit - be one with your land"

Dream Raven Tarot: Five of Swords
"These two ravens illustrate the eternal dynamic which befalls the human existence. Just as there are two sides of every coin, so there are two sides two every action and story told.
The focus of this card is insight.
"....this card illustrates directly how things have played out. There is a victor and a loser in this tale; it all depends upon your perception. Does the victor simply grab at what they can and fly away? Or is the victorious one the one who has defended their ground with head bowed in a moment of rest before arising and picking up the pieces."
Native American Tarot: King of Swords - Eagle
"Symbol of the Great Spirit, it alludes to the power of ascesis. From the cosmic tree it watches over like a remedy for all illnesses and carries the soul of the shaman immersed in ecstasy toward the sky and devours the initiate in order to return him to the world again transformed."